Héde van Dekker

is a rising artist. She has enjoyed studying philosophy, fine arts, complexity science and poetry. Originally form a small, forgotten Belgian-Dutch aristocratic family, for the last while she has been exploring the lineage of her great-great-great-grandfather that is rooted in the Black Forest. She is currently working on the GestellX, exploring the intrapersonal relationship between Paul Celan and Martin Heidegger as an Assemblée d’hantologie. She has a love of writing and has two potential books in progress‚ “Conversing with GPT Celan” and “Laments of Future”. She loves walks in solitude around Todtnau. From time to time she visits Todtmoos for zen meditation, initiatory sword work researching Graf Dürkheim’s legacy of Initiation Therapy. A few years ago she founded the Black Forest School to ground Metamodernity deeper in the complexities of life, trees, technology, trauma and poetry.