Bernhard Vierling – Scholar / Artist

Bernhard Vierling

is a scholar, artist, consultant and coach and performing crosswise in these fields all over the world.

His main focus is destillating, extracting, merging, transforming deeply routed cultural habits into new perspectives, new attitudes towards our demanding contemporary tasks. The artistic research finds its expression either in the global art market, as in political consultancy or in transforming processes of companies and individuals.

The science of experience and its reflection lead towards neuro plasticism in laboraties, retreats, systemic consultancy, lecture-performances, exhibitions and systemic artpieces.

Educated as an artist in Cultural Work, Performing Arts, Scetching and numerous educations as Systemic Consultant, NLP- Teachertrainer, Mediator, Prozess-Moderator and almost fourty years training in japanese martial arts (Kendo/Jaido) and meditation he developed numerous methods and approaches of transformation.