Luis de Miranda, Dr

is a philosopher and author of books translated into various languages from American English to Chinese. He works at the core intersection of two extremes: technicality and cosmicality. As a thinker of technology, he conducts research and experiments within Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Future Studies in the group he founded in 2018 at the University of Örebro, Sweden: CREA. As a thinker of cosmicality, he is developing the concept of Creal and the crealectical methodology, a non-anthropocentric meta-analytic and meta-dialectic framework that repositions the human experience as interwoven with a universal creative deployment, in the lineage of process philosophers such as Hegel, Bergson, Whitehead and Deleuze. Luis is also the founder of the Philosophical Parlour in Stockholm, were he offers individual and collective philosophical counselling.