19. December 2021

Black Forest Metamodernism – Dissolving the Traumata of Modernity

  European School of Governance, position paper # 211219-1 by Adrian Wagner Black Forest Metamodernism addresses the existential underneath of the traumata of modernity. […]
19. December 2021

Understanding the Metamodern Turn – Realising the Existentiality of Love

  European School of Governance, position paper #211219-2 by Louis Klein Realising the existentiality of love is the metamodern turn that allows us to […]
19. December 2021

The EUSG Metamodernity Masterclass 2022

  European School of Governance, course description, Metamodernity Masterclass 2022   Just as the hare is zipping across the finish line, the tortoise has […]
18. March 2023

Once upon a time in the future: The Dumbledore of Metamodernity

  Lets travel to the Hogwarts of Metamodernity. – A place full of wonders and magic. Meta-Mugglers don’t dare to dream of it. Today, […]