Research note

30. March 2022

Appreciating Socio-Systemic Complexity Evaluation

  European School of Governance (EUSG) and Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development (Tamkeen), joint research note #220330-1 by Karima Kadaoui (Tamkeen) and Louis […]
17. January 2024

A personal inquiry towards an understanding of Trauma: What forms and informs my understanding?

European School of Governance, research note #240117 by Adrian Wagner Keywords: metamodern, blackforestmetamoderism, trauma, collective trauma, traumaticevents, collectivememory, gentlegrowth, actionresearch   This research note […]
13. February 2024

Noticing potential for movement with more “withness”: How do I (we) see and be seen?

European School of Governance research note #240213 by Louise McCulloch Keywords: seeing, reflection, “withness”, connection, movement   Abstract This is a reflective exploration and […]