Kendra Rosencrans MS, M.Div. – Fellow

Kendra Rosencrans MS, M.Div.

Kendra Rosencrans is an award-winning former journalist, organizational researcher, and consultant specializing in complexity, constructive narratives, and systemic change. In 2017, she received the Margaret Mead Memorial Student Award from the International Society for the Systems Sciences, which recognizes work that addresses contemporary challenges within communities in ways that empower agency with integrity, imagination, and well-being. She has also served as the topic editor for the Journal of Organizational Transformation and Social Change.

Based in Seattle, Washington, USA, Kendra holds master’s degrees in journalism and religious studies. She is a trained facilitator, and is currently finishing a Ph.D. in organizational systems focusing on questions about how ingenuity may serve to foster systemic change under constrained and complex conditions. In 2017, she was appointed a fellow of the Systemic Change Lab and is on the founding editorial team for the Systemic Change journal.