December 2021

19. December 2021

The EUSG Metamodernity Masterclass 2022

  European School of Governance, course description, Metamodernity Masterclass 2022   Just as the hare is zipping across the finish line, the tortoise has […]
19. December 2021

Understanding the Metamodern Turn – Realising the Existentiality of Love

  European School of Governance, position paper #211219-2 by Louis Klein Realising the existentiality of love is the metamodern turn that allows us to […]
19. December 2021

Black Forest Metamodernism – Dissolving the Traumata of Modernity

  European School of Governance, position paper # 211219-1 by Adrian Wagner Black Forest Metamodernism addresses the existential underneath of the traumata of modernity. […]