Gys M. Loubser – Fellow

Gys M. Loubser, PhD

is a videographer, researcher and writer. He believes stories change our world – for better or worse. He focuses on stories that stimulate and inform meaningful conversation. Transcendent stories inspire transformative lives.

Starting with a focus on interdisciplinary conversation among scientists and theologians, his research led to the development of an approach to transdisciplinary facilitation that connects theory and practice. “One does not do transdisciplinary research,” Loubser insists, “one becomes a transdisciplinary researcher.”

Loubser completed his PhD on Interdisciplinary Theology in 2012 (Stellenbosch University). In collaboration with the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition, he was a post-doctoral research fellow at Stellenbosch University and the University of Pretoria, working on ‘Complexity & Theology’ and ‘Transdisciplinary Facilitation’. His current research focuses on story development in documentaries and fiction – and in combining the two.