Dr. Fahri Akdemir – Fellow

Dr. Fahri Akdemir

Dr. Fahri Akdemir as a Human Developer. He works on developing people through training and consultancy services that he provides. He is the Former project coordinator and co-founder of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) Coaching for Development charity service. Additionally he is an assessor in IPMA Project Excellence Awards. His professional and academic work is dedicated to his main curiosity: behavioural competencies of the human in the project environment. He holds a BSc in Systems Engineering, MSc in Strategic Project Management and Ph.D. degree in Cross-Cultural Complex Project Management focusing on leading creative/complex personalities in projects. He has designed and facilitated workshops in 17 different countries. He is a member of German Project Management Association (GPM), honorary member of Project Management Association of Nepal (PMAN), an active member of IPMA.