Dr. Björn Pospiech – Fellow

Dr. Björn Pospiech

started as an economic computer scientist with several years of work experience as project, process and quality manager in both the private and public sectors. Since 2007 he owns a martial arts school for traditional Taekwon-Do and educates students of all ages in this movement arts on a physical, mental, personal and social level. Through the intense work on the philosophy and his mindset, Björn changed his profession, received his doctoral degree in medical psychology from Heidelberg University and became passionate with promoting health in psychological, physical and systemic dimensions. Due to his work as master of martial arts he began to deal with the positive aspects of martial arts and how they can be used to support people building a self-determined and confident life. The result is DOPDA, a holistic life skills program for young people that combines modern sciences with ancient Asian movement arts to strengthen mentally, physically and socially. In 2020, Björn co-founded the Center for Open Social Innovation, which aims to create solutions to solve the society’s greatest challenges and works with academia, government, industry, civil society, and the European Commission.