Dr. Antje Göttert – Fellow

Dr. Antje Göttert

Dr. Antje Göttert is a dermatologist and naturopath. She has been working in her own doctor’s office in Wiesbaden since 1998. After studying medicine and the specialization training as a dermatologist, Antje devoted herself primarily to holistic aspects of medicine. She has additional training in psychotherapy according to Viktor Frankl, in allergology, naturopathy and homeopathy. For Antje, a holistic medical system unites the view on the different levels of human existence, nature as an important source of healing and the proven of modern medicine. In her decades of practical experience, she focuses on the human’s uniqueness, complexity and self-efficacy. Her approach enables the patient to act on his own responsibility. Antje is currently writing her first book on the activation and support of self- healingpowers.