Dipl. Math. Norman Heydenreich – Director

Dipl. Math. Norman Heydenreich

Norman Heydenreich being an internationally recognized expert in the field of project management is the founder and director of the project governance Lab. He is also founder and director of the Management Academy Weimar. He is a member of the ISO technical committee TC258 Project, programme and portfolio management and its working group on project governance.

Previously he held various senior management position, e.g. as CIO of a state bank, as Director Government Relations with Microsoft and as head of public affairs with the German Association for Project Management. He was appointed as expert to the Major Projects Reform Commission of the German Federal Government. As project manager and sponsor Norman Heydenreich steered complex and large projects in corporations across various industries.

He is a writer and blogger on management and governance issues of public projects and holds various university teaching assignments on project governance.