Alessandra Marazzi – Scholar

Alessandra Marazzi

Alessandra Marazzi is a passionate, creative and reflective observer and informer of relational systems, at the individual,  team and organizational level. Her work is centered on a shift of focus from bounded realities to the space-in-between as a rich space of co-exploration and shared meaning.

Working as an executive coach, a leadership facilitator and organizational consultant for the past 10 years, her approach to forming thriving social bodies is co-explorative, co-reflected, collaborative and embodied.

Her research on Courage and Somatic Awareness was presented at the European Conference of Positive Psychology in 2022.

Currently she is engaged in trans-contextual research and experimentation on how mycelium – as a transformation and relationing process – can inform social body formation, with applications in leadership, eco-system dynamics, organizational development, business and governance models and creative thinking.

She is writing her first book.

Alessandra holds an Executive MBA, a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and is an insanely curious learner.

Alessandra’s LinkedIn profile is available here